The following is a rating system I use to determine what I charge for art, and whether I'll accept the work.
If your request adds up to a total of 19 or higher, I will not do it, no matter what.

I am NOT flexible on this.

Do NOT ask me to bend these rules, because the answer will be no.

However, be aware that these apply to commissions, where I can't be certain of another's interpretations or judgement.
They may not necessarily apply to art I create on my own terms.
I aim to provide as high a quality of service as I can to everyone, but if you can't accept these rules
, please don't commission me.
I'd rather save us both time & hassle, and as I do not want to argue with people who think rules don't apply to them, I will assume you've read & understood this page if we do business.

Lastly: Please do NOT attempt to commission me if you are under 20 years old; I will immediately ignore and delete your message.


>Concept art
>Character profiles
>Cover art
>Fight / Battle scenes
>Gore / guro / extreme violence
>Pinup / Cheesecake
>Yuri / Lesbian / Futanari
>Traps (at my discretion)
>Bondage / BDSM
>Foot fetish
>DiD / Damsel-In-Distress
>Mind control
>Offensive / rude subjects

>Furry (Humanoid / Stylized / Sonic-style)
>Clutter art
>My avatar as a domme.


(As stated above, please count the numbers when choosing what your commission will contain.

If the number adds up to 19 or higher, I will not accept the commission under any circumstances.)


(-25% Discount)
1: SFW, completely clothed & innocent.
2: Mostly SFW, bare feet / skin peek.


====Skirting the Line====

(-10% Discount.)
3: Verbally / thematically suggestive. Mild violence.
4: Artistic / tasteful nude.

5: Gratuitous underwear / peeking. Heavy violence.
6: Feet focus / gratuitous skin.
7: Feet focus + suggestive theme.
8: Light bondage / tickling.
9: Foot worship / kinky theme / gags.
10: Peril / damsel-in-distress.


(+10% Cost.)
11: Heavy BDSM / tickling / foot worship.
12: Breasts visible / almost no clothing.
13: Genitalia visible / sexually suggestive.


(+25% Cost)
14: Masturbation / FJ / BJ / HJ.
15: Heavy / rough / graphic sex.
16: Blood / non-con / extreme bondage.
17: Gore / mutilation / death.
18: Explicit rape.

Fat characters: +17

Other people's OCs / Avatars without expressed permission: +6

Overly-complex / detailed characters: +9
Canonically permadead character: +8
Controversial / risky character: +8
3 or more characters: +4
Traps: +4
Furry (humanoid / stylized / Sonic style): +4
My OCs: +2

OVERRIDE: I absolutely will NOT draw loli etc. characters in ANY

amount of nudity or explicit sexual content, regardless of rating.

I also will NOT draw anything even remotely hentai or fetish-related of

real-life people, unless it is a cartoon / animated avatar of some sort.



>Extras / NPCs
>Monsters / freaks etc.
>Silly / hammy / goofy roles
>Serious / stern roles
>Teen / adult / elderly males
>Elderly women
>Yandere / tsundere / any denomination of dere
>Robots etc.
>Narration / commentary
>Erotic / pornographic (Only if I'm comfortable with it)
>Medium-low range voices
> Accents / impressions
> Commercials / Advertising

(I may be a trans woman, but I'm under no delusion that my voice could pass as female.)


The following are properties / franchises / etc. I 100% REFUSE to draw any characters from, in any context, for commissions.

Reasons differ for each one.

Steven Universe
Fire Emblem
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
Horizon Zero Dawn
"Bowsette" or other shitty forced memes.

1: I'm not a fan of drawing socks, so if you ask for them, they will be counted as a variant, with the extra charge included.
2: All the games I make are 1920x1080, made in RPG Maker MV. Please ensure you can run RPG Maker MV games.

3: I don't sing.

4: I won't advertise anything I consider against my personal beliefs, or anything I wouldn't endorse / use.

5: I was never good at recording demo reels; you can request a test from me or watch one of my streams for an example of my voice.

7: You do NOT have permission to post, edit or colour any of my work, anywhere.



>Non-trap males anywhere.
>Clutter art.
>Heterosexual content.
>Macro / Micro / Giantess.
>Scat / Watersports / Farting / Puking
>Furry (Animal-like / realistic / 'feral')
>Anything explicitly illegal.
>Shota or toddlercon

>My avatar as a submissive and / or barefoot.





>Shouting / screaming that isn't deliberately exaggerated
>Fetish stuff / anything excessively-sexual
>Young / Teen Women
>High voices



Artwork & Games © 2019 Screampunk Arts ~ ♥~ Guest Art © the respective owners, used with permission.

All characters depicted are aged 18 or older, in compliance with all applicable laws.
This content should be taken as a parody of its source material if not owned by Screampunk Arts, doesn't always reflect Rin Satsu's beliefs / desires, and shouldn't be taken seriously by anyone.