+DiD / Feet+ Ayano Aishi

Been messing about in Pose Mode a lot recently. Finding out the socks / stockings are toeless / heelless, and the loose legwarmers have totally bare feet? Best damn thing ever~

What WOULD happen if Ayano got kidnapped by a rival? I can picture three scenarios:

1: Moan for help, then kill the witness who saved her. Quick & easy, but then you've got a corpse to dispose of.

2: Scooch along and use her toes to grab a sharp object. Medum speed, but risks accidentally cutting herself, so you'd have blood to clean up.

3: Squirm to get free. Slowest and perhaps hardest, but no downside if you do it right.

Actually the second one's my favourite... OwO

Note: This was a piece done purely because I felt like it; it wasn't commissioned or requested in any way. ;

[EDIT 11/03/2018: There was a huge gap of colour missing on the ropes between her knees in the sock variants. This has been fixed.]





INCLUDES: Socks, bare feet, cleave gag, tape gag, ball gag, blindfold, blush, tears, sweat, clean, natural nails, grey nails.




Ayano Aishi © YandereDev.

Artwork by Screampunk Arts.

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