+DiD / Feet+ Chie Satonaka

Quite proud of how this one came out.
I tried adapting my usual cel-shading method to look more like the Persona art style, as in the Naoto piece.
Also tried using some background elements and dialogue to illustrate more of a 'scene'.
Not sure about her lips, but they are visible on her official profile art.
I'd like to draw Yukari, Fuuka & Lisa sometime.

That concludes all the coloured art for July.
I know I haven't put out as much content this month - it's been a really stressful time, the heatwave hasn't helped either, and I've got the charity sketches to do.


Sweat, scent, clean, blush, tears, blindfold, oil / lotion, natural nails, black nails, green nails, cleave gag, OTM gag, tape gag, ball gag, no gag, subtitles on / off.


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