+DiD / Feet+ Fasha

One of the big coloured pieces I wanted to get done this month.
Generally speaking, I avoid drawing erotic art of dead characters.
The exception is when the canon has some magical-resurrection thing like Dragon Ball, Mortal Kombat etc.
Like, I need to be able to feel like this scenario COULD happen.

Originally I was gonna give her multiple nail colour / dirty feet variants, but I decided it's probably best to just do those in stuff that's exclusively foot-focused.
DiD / bondage and tickling packs are already big enough without that; look what it did to that last Caulifla pack. x_x(edited)

Or y'know, when there aren't enough other variables. In this pack, the scouter & halo count.



Includes: Sweat, scent, clean, halo, blindfold, tears, blush, cleave gag, OTM gag, tape gag, ball gag, no gag.


Fasha © Akira Toriyama.
Artwork by Screampunk Arts.


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