+DiD / Feet+ Kokona Haruka +Lovesick Month+

Part of Lovesick Month!




Continuing Lovesick Month with a set that was based on an idea I had involving the Seduction & Personality skills.

Ayano finds out about Kokona's father's debt problem, and having possibly learned how to brag about affluence from talking to Musume, is able to lure Kokona to her home by promising a large sum of money in exchange for some "fun". Kokona agrees on the condition that no pictures are taken, and allows herself to be tied up in the basement, under the impression she's only going to have to do some kinky stuff. As soon as Kokona is completely helpless, Ayano reveals her true intentions and begins snapping away. Kokona is powerless to stop her, and from now on will have to obey & assist Ayano in whatever she demands, no matter how sinister or lewd, or else the whole school - no, the world - will be privy to this "special photoshoot".

Of course, that doesn't mean the original arrangement DIDN'T go ahead anyway...

I put SO much effort into this one... more than I've ever put into a single-character piece before, I think. Trying out a variety of new techniques involving shading & lighting to recreate the idea of a camera flash, more detailed hair, fully drawn backgrounds, angled textures, and the "camera phone" and unfocused view to simulate the idea of taking an amateur fetish photo in a dark basement with no real photography equipment.

I'm SO proud of this piece, there are no words. It's the first time in a while that I've actually felt happy with the result of my efforts.

Note: This was a piece done purely because I felt like it; it wasn't commissioned or requested in any way.





Includes: Sweat, clean, barefoot, socks, tears, blush, blindfold, natural nails, purple nails, tape gag, ball gag.




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