+DiD / Feet+ Moira Burton

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About time someone shut her bitchy mouth up~

I honestly can't believe how well this one came out, at least by my own standards. The boots, her jacket, the variables, I think I really outdid myself with this one! I'd love it if there were a tickling variant of the Gagtalk app, perhaps with randomized conversions to shake it up a bit.





INCLUDES: Blindfold, No Blindfold, Blush, No Blush, Tears, No Tears, Sweat, Clean, Tape Gag, Ball Gag, Soap Gag, Gun Gag, No Gag.




Moira Burton © Capcom.

Artwork by Screampunk Arts.

Gagged text variable made with the "Gagtalk" app by Vadda-Orca.


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