+DiD / Feet+ Rebecca Chambers +1+

+DiD / Feet+ Rebecca Chambers +1+

Another little extra piece. The world can never have enough of Rebecca~<3

To be honest, I'd been working on & off at this one for a couple of months, but finally it's done.

See, the advantage with DiD art, I find, is that I can think up some context for the scenario. In most cases, at least.

Even if it's something simple or relatively silly, such as Rebecca being caught by Umbrella agents and shipped off to one of their gazillion underground labs, to be used as a test subject.

EDIT: (04/04/2017) Fixed the lips because surprise, surprise, no one told me.





Includes: Sweat, clean, blush, tears, blindfold, tape gag, ball gag, natural nails, black nails, green nails.




Rebecca Chambers © Capcom.

Artwork by Screampunk Arts.


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