+DiD / Feet / Tickling+ Monika

Holy crap, this one is enormous...

This is easily the biggest pack of variants I've ever done, and ever would do.

I was actually tempted to change it into game format, but the dimensions wouldn't really have worked, since I don't know how to implement a scroll / zoom / panelling function.

Don't ever expect me to do a pack this big again. x_x

Incidentally, this is also why I recently started using my persona / avatar's hands instead of normal hands. It gets the same job done, and large areas of black help reduce individual file sizes.

If you like this one, please leave a like & comment below. I worked REALLY hard on this piece and went through a LOT of stress making it, so I'd love to know what you guys think~





INCLUDES: Sweat, clean, blush, tears, oil, blindfold, bare feet, stockings, socks, no gag, cleave gag, tape gag, ball gag, "pixel mouth", dialogue, no dialogue, bondage, massage, fingernail tickling, feather tickling, brush tickling, pen tickling, optional faces.




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Artwork by Screampunk Arts.


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