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Despite being one of the first and most celebrated successes in the FENRIR program, SX-01 'Truffle' is one of the most unstable, and has racked up more disciplinary action than any of her dozens of sisters, even among the other pig-types. It has gotten so bad that after an incident in which Truffle accidentally injured a staff member during an outburst over being denied a specific type of food, four new guards were hired exclusively to work shifts watching her, ready to jump her at the first sign of an episode.
Even the dragon and tiger-type Nyavl, known for their violent tendencies, don't manage to piss off their handlers the way Truffle's tantrums do.
For this reason, many staff at the Angrboda facility have stopped referring to Truffle by her assigned name, instead calling her by her serial number SX-01, or simply "The Pig".
Dr. Lindberg appears to be the only staff member whose authority Truffle respects, though whether this is due to genuine attachment, or Lindberg's habit of spoiling the subjects despite repeated reprimanding, remains to be seen.
"Many of you in the Angrboda facility have expressed concerns about how to handle SX-01, or 'Truffle' when our budget doesn't allow for more GUNGNIR exoskeletons.
Security staff should be more than capable of handling Nyavl temperaments, but for those of you in R&D, allow me to clarify:

Subject SX-01 should be kept as placated as possible - her insatiable hunger for junk food is a small price to pay for her status as a valuable specimen.
Alert security staff as soon as signs consistent with SX-01-related incidents appear following denial of her demands - most often junk food.
These signs include: Stamping feet, grinding teeth, huffing and pouting, or low-volume squealing noises accompanied by stubborn behaviour or resistance to commands.
We anticipate this behaviour to occur two or three times per week.
At this point, attempt to distract SX-01 from what she wants with something loud, sudden or otherwise engaging. This usually works at defusing the situation.

However, if it is deemed that she is about to "blow a gasket" as some of you so eloquently put it - she is to be restrained or sedated immediately.
At this stage, giving her what she wants is unlikely to work.
SX-01 will continue her petulant tantrum until she burns herself out, at which point she will enter a catatonic state for several minutes, before 'waking up' and pretending the outburst never occurred. The resulting bad mood will last for up to two hours before she returns to a normal, calm state.

Above all - remember that we have on-site catering. Take advantage of it and use the reward system outlined in Section D of the Specimen Care Manual, with all the Nyavl but especially SX-01.

And Lindberg, you've been warned multiple times - they may respect you, but stop giving the specimens everything they want. I know you're the one exacerbating their unruly behaviour.
We created the Nyavl to serve an important purpose. We are
not running a daycare."

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