+Double-F / Tickling+ Lishka +13+

Double-F #13 is here, this week it's Tickling with Lishka!


One for the furries!

Super sorry this one is so late; I've had no end of tech troubles on my end.
Those of you who saw my attempt at a stream a couple nights ago know what I mean...
Anyway, I tried a new trick here, for doing fur textures.
I think it can also apply to hair in general, not just thick hair like Lishka's.
Although, her feet make me worry that it looks more like some kind of wood texture... what do you think?
In regards to her nails being stuck at the default colour when using the nylons - there was nothing I could do about it.
As many of you may have noticed in my other works, Flash tends to throw all its toys out of the pram when you ask it to handle transparency like a graphics program should, and refuses to cooperate with Photoshop, or PNGs in general.
This is most evident in how many variables, particularly darker ones, tend to have a rather scratchy outline.
I don't know how to fix this.


20x "Toy" Options
8x Footwear / Barefoot Options
8x Effects: Smell, Sweat, Dirt, Blush, Itching Powder & Oil / Lotion, Writing
15x Blinds Options
11x Restraint Options
29x Gags / Mouth Options
16x Nail Options  
24x Backdrop Colours 
3x Outfit Options


If you cannot play the Flash file, download & install the free Swiff Player here: http://www.globfx.com/products/swfplayer/


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