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Full Disclosure: I'm completely aware I should've been working on the Midori art for the May poll.
That's totally my fault, and it's my current priority. Should be done in a day or two.
It's just that when I started this as a quick doodle, I couldn't put the pen down.

Recently I've been feeling totally burnt out.
Not to mention, I'm completely out of ideas for fetish art.
Everything I produce now just feels so generic; I've lost the spark for coming up with new scenarios / poses etc.
But just drawing characters barefoot? I can be more creative and also draw what I enjoy aesthetically.

I am NOT going to stop doing fetish art - that stuff's my bread & butter!
I just really want to work on Triple Treat more, and I might slow down a bit with explicit fetish artwork.
This kind of art gives me a lot more enjoyment, and I think I can work out a lot of my itching creativity with this, plus get more practice.
This piece alone, plus that Rouge art, gave me time to practice backlighting, which has improved my cel-shading drastically.

TL;DR: I'm still drawing fetish art, just gonna try more creative stuff for practice and a wider audience.


Includes: Speed Streaks, Sonic Boom, Motion Blur.


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