+Fanart+ Shiromi Wonka

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So in recent builds of Yandere Simulator / Lovesick, I totally fell in love with the Student Council. Shiromi's easily my favourite, but Aoi is perhaps a close second~

This was mostly born from an inside joke with a friend, but it was too funny not to draw. I... may have gone a little overboard.

I prefer the original movie, but I know some people like the Johnny Depp version, so I included references to both. Not monetising this one because I don't own the copyright to the background image~





INCLUDES: Visual Novel style dialogue / music subtitle, standard style dialogue / music subtitle, title stamp, background image / transparent background.




Shiromi Torayoshi © YandereDev.

Artwork by Screampunk Arts.

Thanks to Mulberry for the colour palette.


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