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What's this? I can do fanart WITHOUT it being porn or fetish content!? MADNESS!!

I wanted to portray the deceptive nature of the "Evil" personality type. How certain characters can appear completely innocent, until witnessing the player committing a gruesome act, at which point you discover their true nature. To that end, I was originally going to rely on the overall appearnce of Yui to carry the "innocent" side, and the atmosphere to "make you wonder".

The variants for this one contain the original vision I had for this piece, without any glints in her eyes, and her natural nail colour. I was fortunate enough to have YandereDev show this one on his Samus Returns stream, but the differences apparently weren't obvious, so maybe I should've pointed them out then & there.

On the advice of the awesome MulberryDreamer, I chose to go with the version you see in the preview image.




I really think the personality types should have a few more functions in the future. Nearly all students will react to murder etc. by getting you in trouble, except for the Evil personality, who will just... not. It's like, you work to create a perfect murder setup and get away with it, ready to shit your pants any time another student is even slightly visible.

Only for it to turn out to be an Evil student, which is YanSim's way of saying "Haha psych, enjoy that shit in your pants".

My idea would be for the Evil characters to only report you IF you cross them, and give them a reason to. Or to be much easier to coerce into becoming your accomplice when intimidation etc. are involved. Perhaps they could even be paid by Yandere-chan to assist, once you have their friendship and so can then assure them it's safe.

This would also enable you to easily frame them by feigning association if your Language or Reputation are high enough. Something like that. Buuut I'm not a game developer; those are just my thoughts as a fan.





Includes: Natural nails, red nails, eye glint, no glint.




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