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Her name's been known for a while, but ever since the "Driving Your Rival To Murder" video came out, and she was officially referred to as "Ayano" in that (frankly marvellous) little skit and not just in side material, I've stopped referring to this character as "Yandere-chan". I'm now only referring to her by her actual name.

I really like to imagine that each girl should have her fingernails & toenails painted to match her overall colour scheme (again, that's just me, it's not an official part of the game or character designs). But I wasn't sure what Ayano would wear, so I just went with grey like the rest of her colour scheme.

I also tried out a couple of new techniques, specifically dithering on the ground shadow and a "thinning" effect on the hair tips over her face. I tried it out on the other hair tips but it just looked strange. Perhaps I'll work on this technique in the future.

Note: This was a piece done purely because I felt like it; it wasn't commissioned or requested in any way.





Includes: Blush, sweat, clean, socks, barefoot, natural nails, grey nails.




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