+Feet+ Dark Souls

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Hooooly shit this one was hard to do, but for $100 it's hard to say no. However, I muddled through and managed to get it done in time for the end of the month. x_x

I stand by my previous statements that I will NEVER play Dark Souls. I refuse to, and no amount of badgering by its creepy cult-like fanbase will make me change my mind. BUT I can appreciate the worlds etc. that From Software present us with, and I can even enjoy the lore / characters. I actually do have a Demon's Souls playthrough going, and do intend to eventually beat it one day. Might even try Bloodborne one day, but I will never play Dark Souls. Ever.

I do have one thought, though... why is she called the Emerald Herald if she has no green on her anywhere?




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