+Feet+ Ellie

This is actually a commission from 2015, that I never posted anywhere because I hated it.
That's why it's so badly drawn compared to my current content.

I asked the client to send it to me, and decided I'd try polishing it up to post it now.
Not much I could do to improve it since I no longer have the PSD, but a quick bit of digital painting and I at least made it somewhat tolerable, even if it'll never be up to my current standards.
There are some bits I simply couldn't fix, but I tried my best, and I feel the quality is at least worth posting here.


Sweat, scent, clean, blindfold, blush, oil / lotion, dirt, natural nails, black nails, green nails.


Ellie © Naughty Dog.
Artwork by Screampunk Arts.


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