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The amount of effort I put into this one was nothing compared to the 5-girl Street Fighter piece (or, more recently, the Lollipop Chainsaw piece), but it still felt like deliberately falling onto a sword. (and yet, I'm going to eventually do a sequel to this, once the model who helped out has time to assist with the next one)


My three favourite ladies from HuniePop, with a slightly different scenario for a change, a bit of self-tickling! Conveniently wallpaper-sized at 1920x1080!

As you'd expect, Kyu's up for anything, Audrey's begrudgingly giving the "bare" minimum, and Tiffany's eager to show off some flexibility~


At first I had zero interest in this series whatsoever, but then I saw Markiplier play HunieCam Studio and I was hooked; I instantly went and bought both games on Steam. I love the developer's sense of humour & artistic expression; he's in my triumvirate of favourite indie developers along with Scott Cawthon & YandereDev.


If HuniePot ever sees this, I'd like to request information on the heights of all 22 girls, not just the 12 from HuniePop. Since I use 3D models for posing, I can't accurately draw any fanart of the HunieCam girls in groups until I know. Knowing all 22 shoe sizes would also be great. As it stands, I have to guess from their official art, and that's no fun, especially when you can't even see the HunieCam girls' legs.


I also love how even though the artist likely didn't intend it, all the girls seem to have uniquely shaped feet. Kyu has cute chubby little toes, Audrey's are long / slender, and Tiffany's are nice & broad.





INCLUDES: Sweat, clean, blush, foot writing / graffiti (graffeeti? xD) natural nails, black nails, white nails, red nails, blue nails, green nails, purple nails, pink nails, cyan nails, gold nails, silver nails, rainbow nails, English Text, French Text, Arabic Text, German Text, Japanese Text.

If you can, go support the developer and buy both games here: www.huniepot.com/




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