+Feet+ Jaiden +9+

I thought we'd end the year with a small continuation of one of my most popular sets of 2019 - the JaidenAnimations fanart packs.
It's incredible how much people seem to like these, and I'm glad many of you discovered her YouTube channel because of them.
As always - Please try to keep these low-key. Have some respect for her and don't go shoving this stuff in her face. We should be grateful that she just ignores it as it is.


Includes: Sweat, scent, clean, blush, oil / lotion, 'YouTube style', 'coloured style', dialogue on / off.


Jaiden avatar © Jaiden Animations: www.youtube.com/channel/UCGwu0…
Artwork by Screampunk Arts. 


Artwork & Games © 2019 Screampunk Arts ~ ♥~ Guest Art © the respective owners, used with permission.

All characters depicted are aged 18 or older, in compliance with all applicable laws.
This content should be taken as a parody of its source material if not owned by Screampunk Arts, doesn't always reflect Rin Satsu's beliefs / desires, and shouldn't be taken seriously by anyone.