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It was actually supposed to be Midori first, but due to time constraints I had to move to the already-base-coloured WIP of Musume and get this one out first.

Musume's gotta be my 2nd favourite character after Midori, which is why I totally ship them. They're like the perfect punishment for each other, the Bonehead & the Bitch.

This piece was actually started BEFORE I learned of Musume being a total bitch, so I was going purely by the Social Butterfly personality she has in-game. Future works involving her will be better suited to her actual character~

Isn't it odd how there's like NO foot fetish art of gyaru / ganguro girls that doesn't get ruined by sockblocking? Even general fetish porn, hard to find any involving this style.

Note: This was a piece done purely because I felt like it; it wasn't commissioned or requested in any way.





Includes: Blush, sweat, clean, socks, barefoot, natural nails, pink nails.




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