+Feet+ Oka Ruto +Lovesick Month

Part of Lovesick Month!




Continuing Lovsick month with Oka Ruto! Isn't she just adorable?

At first I was dreading doing the webbing patterns on her gloves & socks, but once I worked out the trick to it, it was easy.

When I first heard all the rivals would have unique socks etc., I was kind of disappointed because that'd mean no "sneak peeks" or anything. Then I noticed that -at least on Osana- they seem to have the toes & heels exposed. So yay! No sockblocking ruining the view~

Hopefully that applies to more than just the rivals in the future, but for now, I'm gonna use it as the standard for drawing fanart of Yandere Simulator girls and hope someone actually involved in the development takes notice~

Note: This was a piece done purely because I felt like it; it wasn't commissioned or requested in any way.





Includes: Sweat, clean, barefoot, socks / stockings, tears, blush, natural nails, black nails.




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