+Feet+ Rika Nonaka +3+

In a rather unexpected gesture, Rika invites you over to her house after school to hang out, and maybe have a 'girls' night'.
She takes off her socks and kicks back on the couch, checking her phone, and suddenly there's only one thing on your mind.
Well, two things...


Mostly I was practicing background shading for a commission I've got to do, with a more detailed background than usual.
This one's fairly simple, but I think I picked up a few tricks for making a palette that doesn't make the background stand out too much.


Sweat, scent, clean, blush, 4x facial expressions & dialogue, natural nails, green nails, black nails, blue nails.


Rika Nonaka © Akiyoshi Hongo.
Artwork by Screampunk Arts.


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