+Feet+ Secret Ingredient

Been trying really hard with backgrounds lately (even if I did totally use a GGXX stage screenshot for the outside bit), and I think overall this piece came out pretty damn good.
One of my best yet, in my opinion. I'm actually super proud of it.

Tried getting back into Guilty Gear lately, seeing as I no longer care about English dubs.
And the Japanese voice acting's surprisingly more tolerable than I remember, especially once you realize Jam's nails-on-chalkboard screeching is deliberate, rather than just bad casting.

Definitely want to do more Guilty Gear art soon; hopefully they add A.B.A to the next Xrd game.


Sweat, scent, clean, blush, blindfold, dialogue on / off, natural nails, green nails, black nails, red nails.


Jam Kuradoberi © Daisuke Ishiwatari.
Artwork by Screampunk Arts.


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