+Feet+ Twyla-Jane Meyer

A bit of extra art now that I've got more time to do more stuff for the $5 tier~

Trying out doing backgrounds a bit more; I usually don't do them because it simply takes too long. Also the first time I've used a G3F model to rotoscope a piece, with Twyla-Jane's official update.

So, remember how I said one day I'd like to do some video games with my girls? If I ever find the time to start learning coding so I could make very simple games? Yeah, I still don't have time to do that, but I decided I'd call them "Double-F". Referring to Fetish Fortnights, which wouldn't exactly make sense as a title for games that have nothing to do with fortnights, but also referring to "Fetch Fortress", a place in the setting I've designed for this project.





Includes: Sweat, scent, clean, blush, writing, hat, no hat.




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