+Double-F / Tickling+ Zahra +16+

Double-F #16 is here, this week it's Tickling with Zahra!




Holy shit, this is the biggest Fetish Fortnights Flash I've done so far.

This one actually has 769,322,188,800 possible combinations.
Have fun trying to make them all!

Those of you who've been paying attention to my character designs may notice a couple of changes on Zahra here.
Firstly, I decided to change her hair.
The bangs were actually a happy accident while messing with the same hair model I was using for another character (Epsilon I think, not sure though). This way fits her a bit better, giving her a still conforming look while betraying a slight rebellious tendency, indicating her will to break free of family tradition.
I also replaced the ponytail with a bun, which seems to fit the "muslim woman" style a bit more.
Lastly I also added some gold studs lining the openings of her shoes. They were looking far too plain.

I may like to do something with her jewellery later in her full design update, perhaps make it slightly more ornate / bejewelled.

I also wanted to emphasize her figure a bit more than in her profile - Zahra's supposed to be quite a big eater, but never gets "fat" because she's a dancer and burns it all off. But she does have ever so slightly a bit of a pudge. It's not much, but probably the most flab any of the girls will have in this since I'm not very good at drawing fat people, and frankly have no interest in doing so. In the meantime, you can just enjoy Zahra's love handles~<3





20x "Toy" Options
31x Gag / Mouth Options
8x Footwear / Barefoot Options
8x Effects: Smell, Sweat, Dirt, Blush, Itching Powder & Oil / Lotion, Writing
11x Restraint Options
15x Blind Options
17x Nail Options  
24x Backdrop Colours 
3x Outfit Palette Options
3x Toe Ring Options




If you cannot play the Flash file, download & install the free Swiff Player here: http://www.globfx.com/products/swfplayer/




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