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Installment #45 for 22/07/2016, Christie Monteiro from Tekken!




Due to technical problems, this one was a few hours late.

I love Christie; this Brazilian beauty was my main in Tekken 6, although I always use her as a prime example of how Tekken's story hasn't budged since Tekken 3.

What's her story in every game that never changes? She's chasing Eddy, still can't catch up to him, and he still wants nothing to do with her. She still can't take a hint. That's the way it's been in Tekken 4, 5, 6, Tag Tournament 2, Street Fighter X Tekken and likely won't change in Tekken 7.

I also wanted to try a more complex, energetic pose this time.





Includes: Sweat, Clean, Blush, Writing, Natural Nails, Black Nails, White Nails, Red Nails, Blue Nails, Green Nails, Purple Nails, Pink Nails, Silver Nails, Gold Nails.




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