+FFFF+ Gretel Mk.II +32+

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Installment #32 for 22/04/2016, Gretel Mk.II from TimeSplitters (2)!




I think this was my first time drawing a fully mechanical character since I started drawing professionally. At least, one that actually looks like a machine.

Here I just had the idea of "cooling off the new modules" or "running hot".


She was always my main in that game; I don't necessarily MIND the Mk.III version, but I always wished you could've picked Mk.2 and Mk.1 in Future Perfect. Thankfully TimeSplitters Rewind is shaping up to be quite awesome, and I hope Gretel gets all three versions in the same game~


It was a bit difficult to decide what to do with variants since she can't blush or anything, maybe next time I draw her I'll just make an outfit change. But I'd rather not do that in FFFF, since it's a HUGE amount of work, not practical for something on a time limit.

I do, however, think I came up with a nice idea for her "nails" by making them glowing light attachments.





Includes: Black nails, white nails, red nails, blue nails, purple nails, yellow nails, green nails, pink nails, heat shimmer.




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