+FFFF+Hexion +46+

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Installment #46 for 29/07/2016, Hexion from PhD: Phantasy Degree!




Last time I drew Hexion, I was still doing shitty sketches on paper and doing my line work in Flash. I remember I drew several PhD characters back then in a mini-series. Hexion, however, is my favourite.

Phantasy Degree was the first manga (or specifically manhwa) I ever read and owned the complete series of, and the one that inspired me to start drawing in this style.

That's why even now you'll notice a lot of influence from Son Hee-Joon's art in mine, especially in how I draw folds in clothes, or long-eared characters. Right down to my preference of drawing ears slightly lower, and long legs (though not as long as Ōran).





Includes: Sweat, Clean, Blush, Writing, Natural Nails, Black Nails, White Nails, Red Nails, Blue Nails, Green Nails, Purple Nails, Pink Nails, Silver Nails, Gold Nails.




Hexion © Son Hee-Joon.

Artwork by Screampunk Arts.


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