+FFFF+ IA +29+

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Installment #29 for 25/03/2016, IA from Vocaloid3!




March 2016 was a strange month for me. I did about 8 pieces that included panty shots, without even realizing it.

I don't tend to have any interest in generic ecchi like breasts or panties.

For me it's all about the feet, legs & bondage, which sucks when an enormous amount of otherwise-good foot content is ruined by getting sockblocked.

I've also become quite partial to neck / nape-nibbling and silver nails recently.

I love IA; if I had to categorize my waifus, she'd be in the "alternative" section.





Includes: Natural nails, black nails, white nails, red nails, blue nails, green nails, purple nails, pink nails, silver nails, gold nails, sweat, clean, writing and blush.




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