+FFFF+ Street Fighter +26+

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Installment #26 for 11/03/2016: Juri, Ibuki, Makoto, Laura & Elena!




You have no idea how hard I worked on this one, and I can STILL spot massive flaws in it.

Anyway, wow... 26 weeks / half a year and I didn't miss a single one. I'm even surprised at myself.


Moreover, I'm SUPER grateful to every single one of you who's supported me all this time.

When I started with the first four as Twitter-exclusives, I never thought it'd be something I'd commit to for this long, let alone something people would actually subscribe to.


Thank you, sincerely, every single one of you who pledged to follow the series. It means the world to me.





Includes: Juri's eye shine, Juri's footwear, Ibuki's mask, Ibuki's footwear, Laura's footwear, sweat, clean, writing.




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