+MMD+ The Humiliator

Here's something I don't do often - 3D stuff!




A set of fully animated / poseable stocks designed to put victims in the most humiliating positions. Originally designed as something I intended to present for the kidnap / torture mechanic in Yandere Simulator, but clearly I wasted the 11 hours I spent working on this. ¯ _(ツ)_/¯

Also comes with a set of "Normal" stocks.

Made in PMX Editor & Blender, rigged for MMD, but there are scripts to port these to Unity. I'd love to learn how to rig for XPS.




MODEL AVAILABLE HERE ON SUBSCRIBESTAR: https://subscribestar.adult/posts/18856




Hoshiko Mizudori © YandereDev, custom model edit by me.

The Humiliator © Screampunk Arts.

Inspired by this piece by Yeougui: https://www.deviantart.com/yeougui/art/Konosuba-Megumin-the-Maid-756872665





You can use this in whatever you want, commercial or otherwise, as long as you credit me. :)


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