+Tickling+ Abyss the Squid

I don't do this often, but the client paid extra to have this upgraded to a cel-shaded piece, and I was so excited to draw this character that I couldn't resist making a special exception~

In the Clove the Pronghorn sketch, I mentioned that I hoped someone would ask me to draw Abyss the Squid, and here we are! Lucky me~

I honestly wasn't sure what to do with her toes, and if you've seen this character, you'll know what I mean. So I tried to give them SOME definition, without changing the kind of effect the original artists were going for. Not sure if it worked, but it was my first time trying this kind of thing. Hey at least they BOTHERED giving this barefoot Sonic character "toes" for lack of a better word.

Holy shit! Squid porn and it doesn't involve tentacles OR Splatoon!? What is the world coming to!?





INCLUDES: Sweat, clean, blush, tears, blindfold, tape gag, ball gag, fingernail tickling, brush tickling, feather tickling.




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Artwork by Screampunk Arts.


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