+Tickling+ Erza Scarlet +Game+

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$100 Commission~




At first I didn't think this was looking so great, but the more I shaded it, the better it started to look until I was really into it.
Definitely better than the last time I drew Erza, years ago as a shitty little $5 sketch.

No nail options in this one; I realized toward the end that you can't exactly see them.



x10 "Toy" Options
x4 Restraint Options
x13 Gag / Mouth Options
x3 Blind Options
x6 Sock  Barefoot Options
x8 Effects: Tears, Blush, Oil, Sweat, Scent, Itching Powder, Writing, Dirt
x24 Backdrop Options




Erza Scarlet © Hiro Mashima.
Artwork by Screampunk Arts.


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