+Tickling+ Haruko Haruhara +Game+

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$100 Commission~




Fun fact is, I've been wanting to draw Haruko for a LONG time. She's one of my all-time favourite anime babes.

So I was more than happy when I got asked to draw her for a Flash.
Turns out sketchy-lines on the toys make them feel more like they're moving.



x10 "Toy" Options
x4 Restraint Options
x12 Gag / Mouth Options
x3 Blind Options
x5 Barefoot / Socks Options
x15 Nail Options
x8 Effects: Tears, Blush, Writing, Body Sweat, Foot Sweat, Dirt, Oil, Itching Powder
x24 Backdrop Colours




Haruko Haruhara © Gainax.
Artwork by ScreampunkArts.


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