+Tickling+ Lotta Hart

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This was certainly an interesting character to draw. I kinda like her now.

Tried my best to make her look as close to her official design as possible, while maintaining a cel-shaded look.

I've actually never finished any of the Phoenix Wright games; I got far into my copy of the very first one, but I lent it to someone and forgot to ask for it back before we graduated high school. I haven't seen him since. Maybe I should message him on Facebook and ask for it...

You may notice something new about this piece - since asking for feedback on my shading technique, I've started adjusting my shading layers with a bit of red / pink on skin, and whatever colour the other surfaces are, to reduce the amount of grey. I really hope it shows here; I tried my hardest to take your advice on board.

I love getting out my props for photoreference; my backscratcher doesn't get much use outside of this. ^ It was a joke gift I got for Christmas last year, but since then it's proved an invaluable prop for tickling art.

...is it just me or do I draw a LOTTA Capcom girls?





INCLUDES: Fingernail tickling, Backscratcher tickling, sweat, clean, blindfold, tape gag.




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