+Tickling+ Muffet

Finally done~

Muffeet? Handcuffet? Muffled? I dunno.

This one was pretty tricky, but knowing the spider might one day get her tickles... filled me with determination.

I hope the amount of effort I put into this one shows.

Undertale is one of those things where the characters' appearances are almost entirely down to interpretation, but I tried to make her as much like her original sprite as possible, while giving her a somewhat humanoid body.

However, I admit I had NO idea what the designer was going for with what I can only assume are her "trousers".

Why is Muffet such an underrated character, just because she's a sub-boss? T_T





INCLUDES: Blindfold, sweat, clean, blush, tears, oil / lotion, webbing gag, cleave gag, tape gag, ball gag, fingernail tickling, feather tickling, toothbrush tickling, hairbrush tickling, makeup brush tickling.




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