+Tickling / TTTT+ Ayane +07+

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Tempting, Tied & Ticklish Thursdays #07 is here~!

This time, it's Ayane from Dead or Alive!



Yeah, when I said this might be a day late? That was a MIGHT.
Even though I'm currently seriously fucked up with a massive chest infection that's knocked me on my ass, I decided to power through the pain and get this done for you guys tonight.
I'm not gonna let my useless body disappoint my patrons who so generously support me~<3

Feels kinda weird drawing two girls from the same franchise one after the other, but Kasumi was community-voted, while I always intended to draw Ayane anyway, since she's my 2nd favourite after Marie Rose (in retrospect perhaps I should've put Ayane on the poll instead and just drawn Marie Rose; oh well, too late now).
I think we're coming up to the point where I can't really add much more new stuff, but I'll still try to keep adding at least one per title. I've made it this far.

I took extra care this time to make sure there are as few overlap issues as possible, but as always, make sure you turn nails OFF before using any of the footwear options. This is #15 on the "Nails" dial, just click left from the default setting.





19x "Toys"

10x Restraints

10x Blinds

18x Gags / Mouth

4x Footwear / Bare

8x Effects: Smell, Sweat, Dirt, Blush, Tears, Itching Powder & Oil / Lotion, Writing

15x Nail Options

24x Backdrop Colours




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