+Tickling / TTTT+ Gum +14+

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Tempting, Tied & Ticklish Thursdays #14 is here~!
This time, it's Gum from Jet Set Radio Future!



Another attempt at an experimental background concept.
Jet Set Radio Future is one of my top 10 games of all time; it was one of my childhood favourites and still holds up even today. Not sure why Sega thought the AWFUL original was more worth porting than the vastly superior "sequel", but they do tend to have a history of hating any good ideas that would actually be successful. Just look at what's happened to Sonic. *shudder*

I much prefer Gum's JSRF look; thing is, since I'm colourblind, I always thought she wore a mixture of white & purple, and with her name, I think that was a fair assumption.

This one is also just cel-shaded to match the style of JSRF better.
It'll probably be the only cel-shaded one, mind.


20x "Toys"
11x Restraint Options
14x Blinds Options
28x Gags / Mouth Options
7x Footwear / Barefoot Options
8x Effects: Smell, Sweat, Dirt, Blush, Tears, Itching Powder & Oil / Lotion, Writing
16x Nail Options
36x Backdrops / Colours


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Artwork by Screampunk Arts.


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